Nicole and Brian


Nicole and Brian’s lifestyle portraits were just north of Dallas in Plano Texas. We spent time around quaint downtown and it was perfect! This was an anniversary session and I was so excited to photograph them again. We were there to document their Dallas Arboretum Wedding and their 1st anniversary portraits. For this session, we wanted to do more of a lifestyle session. I am completely smitten for this couple and absolutely love these two cool cats! Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-02 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-03 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-04 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-05 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-06 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-07 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-08 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-09 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-10 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-11 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-12 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-13 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-14 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-15 plano-lifestyle-portrait-session-nicole-brian-16

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