Brian & Nicole’s Dallas Arboretum & Stoneleigh Hotel Wedding


If you are a regular blog stalker, get ready….its about to be wedding-palooza on this Dallas Wedding Photographer‘s blog! I am pumped to share so many amazingly beautiful spring and summer Dallas weddings I have recently photographed.

When I first met with Nicole and Brian to talk about their wedding at the Stoneleigh Hotel and Dallas Arboretum and her wedding photography, Margaret (her wedding planner) asked me show Nicole my underwater photography work. I pulled up the gallery on my iPad and I watched her eyes light up. I am pretty certain she was imagining herself underwater…..Dancing with her veil and flowers. I follow her on Pinterest and could see how much she loved water, fire, and all things pretty. She talked to me about doing a shoot and we got it on the books. This bride is stunning and she did an amazing job at the underwater shoot … check it out here.

It was a brisk March day and Dallas had a mild chill in the air. On their wedding day, we first met up with the couple at the Stoneleigh Hotel while the ladies and gents were getting ready. The heart-felt ceremony was at the Dallas Arboretum and filled with emotion and laughs. Marty kept the tone light and relaxed for the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony we made our way back to the Stoneleigh for the wedding reception. The guests gathered on the terrace for a beautiful candlelit dinner and an evening view of Downtown Dallas. The party started with the couple’s first dance and then everyone joined them on the dance floor with their boogie shoes! After cake, toasts and more dancing, Nicole and Brian made their grand exit from the wedding reception to sparklers. The night wasn’t quite over … we headed back up to the terrace for just a few more shots with WATER. This was such a beautiful wedding and we were honored to be a part of it. Thank you Nicole & Brian for having us. We wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

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Wedding Photographer :: Amy Karp Photography | Ceremony Venue :: Dallas Arboretum | Reception Venue :: Stoneleigh Hotel | Rings :: Tiffany & Co. | Wedding Consultant :: Precious Creations | Officiant :: Marty with Love Notes | Hair and Makeup :: Beauty and the Blush

7 thoughts on “Brian & Nicole’s Dallas Arboretum & Stoneleigh Hotel Wedding”

  1. Oh gosh, Amy. You really should buy stock in Kleenex, as you brought me to happy tears (again!) reliving my wedding day. Brian and I are so lucky you were there to perfectly capture our special day!

  2. Can not stop looking at these pictures, really overwhelmed. Amy your work is stunning, and loved your introduction of Nicole and Brian. You’ve captured their
    Love so well on their special day!!!! I’ve just relived it again, what a happy happy beautiful day. Xo

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