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After photographing more than 500 weddings since 2006, we’ve really come to value the unexpected, intimate moments that take place on a wedding day. Trust us when we say we don’t take lightly our role in preserving your legacy.

The hug your mom gives you before you leave your dressing room. The tear that falls down your cheek when you see your partner walking down the aisle. The way the two of you lean your heads together during the toasts. 

This day is about more than the flowers and the shoes you chose. It’s about celebrating the start of your lives together. It’s an honor to play a part in such a significant day and we hope you’ll choose us to be a part of it! 


don’t expect to find any AWKWARD PROM STYLE PHOTOS around here.
we’ll jump right in and get to THE GOOD STUFF, the AUTHENTIC moments.

No career as a model required.
genuine SMILES as you dip your heads together and share a QUIET JOKE together,
HANDS HELD tight because you never want to let go,
carefully stolen KISSES as the SUN SETS just below the horizon.

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If Amy is available on your wedding date, put down your deposit as fast as you can. You won't regret it!

I would give Amy Karp Photography 100 stars if I could! Amy is without a doubt the best wedding photographer out there! From day 1 when I inquired about her services all the way to gallery delivery, Amy was organized, professional and great to work with. She is an absolute joy to be around. Her associate shooters, equally as amazing. They made my husband and friends feel extremely comfortable and at ease during their portraits. I fully trusted them to capture our wedding weekend perfectly, but they knocked it out of the park and exceeded my expectations. If Amy is available on your wedding date, put down your deposit as fast as you can. You won’t regret it!

kate & kevin CAMP WALDEMAR




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We create custom collections for each and every one of our clients because no two weddings are the same, but we share with you our most popular wedding day offerings. Wedding coverage begins around $8000.

For more details on our wedding collections and to find out more about a custom photography collection perfect for you, please contact us. 


frequently asked

I picked up my first camera in High School and learned the basics on film and was able to process in a real darkroom throughout college. I started AKP in 2006 just before I was a bride myself. Once I photographed my first wedding, I was hooked!

Our studio is your home, your location, your choice we are on-location photographers. We prefer natural light and feel it is the most flattering light for portraits. While we love outdoor portraits in nature or the bustling city streets,  we do have several natural light indoor options for portraits to explore as well. 

  • For weddings, couples book us as early as 18 months in advance and weddings are busier during the spring and fall months. We generally only book a limited number of weddings per year, so make sure your date gets saved by calling early!
  • For portraits sessions,  as soon as you book your wedding, you can get your sessions on our schedule. 
  • From cameras and lenses to lighting equipment, we have only PROFESSIONAL gear and back-ups of those to ensure we can effectively cover each event.
  • We use digital darkrooms to artfully and timelessly process EACH & EVERY image for your final gallery. Basic color correction, toning, and sharpening is performed on every photo you will see in your final gallery collection.
  • We take the UTMOST CARE in handling your files and perform redundant backups on-site and off from shoot to final delivery of your images.

YES! We have several different albums to choose from and albums are not just for weddings. We offer guest sign-in books as well as little black books from beauty sessions. All of our albums are custom designed and artfully crafted by hand in the US. Be sure ask about them during your booking meeting!

  • Portrait session galleries are usually ready in 2-3 weeks for viewing and you will receive a password to your gallery for purchasing.
  • Wedding galleries are usually ready in 6-8 weeks for viewing

The internet is your friend if you want to see what different outfits will look like paired together. We are happy to help you with this as well if you’d like any suggestions. Knit fabrics are the best to keep the wrinkles in your clothing from showing. Steer clear of lighter colors on areas that are not your best asset. The lightest part of the image is where your eye is naturally drawn to. We say coordinate, but not match. You can even create your own style boards on some clothing websites. Bring everything together with accessories! As for a theme, we say keep it unique to you. Imagine three words to describe your style, your relationship and your personalities combine these words to create a perfect session (with help from your photographer of course).

Most of our offerings come with a digital delivery for you to print files on your own, however, each session will have a separate password protected online gallery for you to order professional prints from us. Tell your family and friends so they can see them as well!

Image quantities vary – we like to focus on QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

From a portrait session, you’ll see many slightly varying poses to choose from in the final gallery. For a wedding gallery, we typically deliver 40-60 images per hour of coverage on the conservative end.

We work all over the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and have several ideas if you don’t have a place in mind. We will work with you to find a place that is unique to you as possible. Do you spend time at a favorite park? Where did you get engaged? Where was your first date? Let YOUR story write the script.

Still stumped? We always like to suggest couples to browse through our journal and instagram to look at other couple’s engagement photos for some of our favorite scouted locations.

YES. Do it – Don’t collect $200 before passing GO! Set the curling irons and makeup brushes down.  A great makeup artist can make you look and feel amazing and your confidence will translate beautifully in the images. These are not your everyday pictures and you will be wanting to hang them in your home and give them to family, so splurge on this item. A trial run is sometimes best to make sure you love it before its time for photos.

Since we like to let you write the script for the day. We will pose you a little and let you fall into your comfort zone with each other. One of the biggest reasons we get hired is how natural our couples look during portraits. Here’s a secret….promise not to tell??? Almost all of our portraits are posed to an extent. We will guide you to look your absolute best and make you feel confident.

If you are drawn to our dreamy golden natural light portraits, you will need to schedule your session around that time of day with your photographer. There is a time of day we photographers call the “GOLDEN HOUR“. It’s a magic time of day when the sun is closer to the horizon and the hues are warm and soft. The light is more diffused and the shadows are longer. This time of day is a great for those romantic shots you are yearning for.

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