These Dallas bridal portraits have been itching to see some air time. Aynsley and Gennady are well on their way to their 5 week honeymoon and had a beautiful wedding celebration at The W Hotel in Dallas, Texas this past weekend and we can now share them with you all. We found so many wonderful places at the W Hotel to take portraits. I found walls of clouds, cowboy hats, and so many sparkly things. Aynsley had a beautiful brooch bouquet with so many heartfelt items inside. I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with Aynsley, her mom and matron of honor, Amy Joe. Thanks so much for knocking it out of the park with me ladies. Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-02 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-03 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-04 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-05 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-06 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-07 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-08 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-09 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-10 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-11 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-12 dallas-bridal-portraits-at-w-hotel-aynsley-13

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