Aynsley and Gennady’s Downtown Dallas Engagement Session


He’s an engineer and she’s a floral designer … their wedding is next year in Dallas Texas at The W Hotel and I am so thrilled to have their wedding on my calendar. This is Aynsley and Gennady…a sweet couple that was up for anything during their session. She mentioned some locations for their engagement portraits and I was familiar with most of them, but the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in the Trinity Corridor was something new to me. I mean, I’ve seen it while driving but hadn’t shot there. The weeks leading up their session another couple wanted to give this spot a shot as well (another cool Dallas couple I was fortunate to photograph). Aynsley saw their session and was stoked … her email screamed with excitement as she wrote, “that’s the spot! that’s were we want to shoot!”. We really did have a wonderful day for photos. It wasn’t too hot, not too cold, not too windy *just enough wind for super-model hair! It was a great day. We shot around Deep Ellum and found Chuck Norris, almost got attacked by a giant metal musician and even eaten by a shark … needless to say, we made it out alive to wrap the session with some amazing images. I had such a wonderful time with this couple! I even found out that Gennady and I have the same birthday … happy early birthday!!

Aynsely & Gennady, I am looking forward to seeing you again soon! Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last! dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--02 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--03 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--04 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--05 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--06 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--07 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--08 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--09 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--10 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--11 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--12 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--13 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--14 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--15 dallas-wedding-photography-aynsley-gennady--16

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