The Dallas Arboretum Wedding of Jessica & Andrew


The Dallas Arboretum is one fabulous wedding venue. I just love photographing weddings there. Meet Jessica and Andrew … take a peek back at their romantic Dallas engagement portraits. Andrew and Jessica were married this spring and the spring showers were trying to really put a damper on their wedding day plans. It was drizzling and over-cast all morning. When the girls and guys arrived at the Dallas Arboretum, the showers stopped, the clouds cleared and it was time for their first look. They wanted to have a private moment together before the wedding ceremony to see each other. The morning didn’t exactly start as planned, but as Jessica said, “It really put things in perspective”. It was the day these two were going to vow to spend the rest of their lives together. Andrew was involved in a car accident that morning and spent a few hours in the Emergency Room getting checked out for an injury to his hand. When I saw him and asked how he was he said he was “Okay, but really sad that Jessica wasn’t going to have all of the attention on her”. So, I melted when he said that … I mean, a big weepy puddle. They may have thought it was from the rain, but that was me….a pile of mush as I listened to this sweet sweet man talk about the women he was about to marry. They were wed under a canopy of crepe myrtles and the golden sunset shined through … it was magical and I was honored to be a small part of their wedding day.

venue :: Dallas Arboretum | bridal gown :: Allure Bridals from LuLu’s | menswear :: Hugo Boss | floral :: A&L Floral Design | photography :: Amy Karp Photography | catering :: Gil’s Elegant Catering | officiant :: Love Notes | lighting :: AVSD Productions | dj :: iEntertainment | dessert :: Paciugo

dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-02 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-03 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-04 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-05 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-06 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-07 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-08 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-09

LOVE Jessica’s flower crown!!

dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-10 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-11 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-12 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-13 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-14

All of the ladies looked great in their mismatched dresses, but perfectly coordinated! dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-15 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-16 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-17 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-18 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-19 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-20 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-21 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-22 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-23 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-24 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-25 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-26 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-27 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-28 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-29 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-30 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-31 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-32 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-33 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-34 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-35 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-36 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-37 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-38 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-39 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-40 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-41 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-42 dallas-arboretum-wedding-amykarp-jessica-andrew-43

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