Jessica and Andrew’s Romantic and Fun Downtown Dallas eSession


This Dallas wedding photographer is pumped to share this engagement session of this sweet couple I recently photographed! I first met Jessica and Andrew and we talked about their upcoming Dallas Arboretum wedding and their Dallas wedding photography. I threw a few jokes at them, they picked them up and threw some back at me and I just knew it was a good photography match. I love weddings, I love to laugh, I love to love, and I love to photograph those two things for my amazing clients….of them doing them, not me ;)  My approach to photographing portrait sessions is usually lots of snuggling and lots of laughing with a cinematic-editorial-timeless touch. I like to start each session with each client in a really relaxed place in their mind. I am not throwing poses at them left and right. I want to see how they engage with each other as a couple. Throughout the session, I will ask if the pose I have put them in “feels right”…”would you stand this way if you were hanging out waiting in line for a movie?”. Jessica mentioned he lifts her a lot and we once she gave me the green light, it was game on … oh, lets do a lift kiss, lift her this way, lift her that way. It was so sweet. Fun fact for all you Breaking Bad fans out there…I say it loud and proud, I am a fan!!! Jessica teaches Chemistry and guess what room she taught Chemistry in last year?!? If you guessed the same room Walter White was filmed in during the series, you are correct!! Please enjoy this sweet romantic fun engagement session. They were awesome and I can not wait to see you both again soon for the wedding!

dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-014 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-015 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-016 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-017 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-018 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-019 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-020 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-021 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-022 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-023 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-portraits-jessica-andrew-024

3 thoughts on “Jessica and Andrew’s Romantic and Fun Downtown Dallas eSession”

  1. thanks for sharing this wonderful photo shoot!
    Jessica & Andrew….you rocked these photos. I love every single one of them!
    My personal fav….hmmm, nope, can’t do it! They all make me smile. 🙂

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