Jenn & Brian’s Downtown Wintery Fun Engagement Session


Jenn contacted me about her Dallas engagement photography portrait session a few months ago. Their wedding will be this April out in East Texas. She was interested in having a session similar to a few of the sessions I have done in the past in Downtown Dallas. She referenced a few of these goodies from the past … Stacy and Sean’s chic Dallas engagement session around uptown and even on the trolley as well as Jennifer and Cory’s steamy Downtown Dallas session I photographed just a few months ago. I sent her a few pointers for wardrobe and makeup for the portrait session and I think they knocked it out of the park! Briana totally killed Jenn’s hair and makeup, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from this magician….she’s a wizard with a toolkit full of awesome. I called Jenn the day of the session to see how she was doing with the drastic change in weather….the day before it was 30 degrees warmer – WELCOME TO DALLAS TEXAS! She said they were doing great and we could still keep truckin’ forward with the session. These two were power-houses. In between locations, they would get bundled up and as soon as I was ready, it was game time and they were warm and snuggly for my camera. I told Jenn she should be in The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas .. she’s a stunner and a rockin’ personality to boot! Thanks for braving the cold with me guys…I hope these cozy images make you feel all warm and gushy inside. Here’s to a beautiful wedding and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-014 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-015 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-016 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-017 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-018 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-019 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-020 dallas-wedding-photographer-downtown-engagement-session-jenn-brian-021

42 thoughts on “Jenn & Brian’s Downtown Wintery Fun Engagement Session”

  1. I love that you braved the wind and cold to get these shots. Love the tousled hair & rosy cheeks. Makes me want to snuggle down and get cozy with my own love. Wish you nothing but the best.

  2. Congrats Jen!!! My favorite is the one where your future spouse looks like he’s a little embarassed… light hearted authenticity girl, I love it!:)

  3. How lucky Brian is to have such a gorgeous woman to call his future wife. I love you both and am so very happy for you! Beautiful pictures!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos!! You are right – Jennifer is beautiful!! I haven’t seen her since she was a teenager and she was pretty then, but wow!! She’s a knock-out now!! Congratulations to you both!! I wish you many happy years together.

  5. Amy has done a great job capturing the love that you both share. I am sure the wedding will be spectacular and Jen you look fabulous

  6. Thank you for your kind words everyone! We had so much fun, despite the cold winds and temp. Amy was amazing to work with and I would recommend her to everyone! In fact, we’re hoping to reconnect with her again in the Spring.

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