Good gravy, today’s blog post is rockin’ my socks! Oh, and Dallas….I just love how you make my wedding clients look so amazingly beautiful and great in photographs! This engagement session is definitely urban chic with lots and lots of steamy city street evening romance. This fashion forward couple raised the bar for sure when it comes to posing, outfits and bringing the heat. I met up with Jennifer and Cory for their engagement session in the Arts District of Dallas with only weeks before their Dallas wedding at the Nuvo Room. The sunlight was approaching that delicious time of day when everyone looks amazing in it’s golden hues. Jennifer and Cory’s love for one another started to unfold in front of my camera. Their outfits were paired awesomely and looked great with the locations we chose for their session. Jenn can definitely work! Every time I clicked my shutter, she would snap into a new pose and she was on fire. Cory definitely brought his A-game too…I think in between marketing and real estate these two have a very promising career in modeling! AMIRIGHT? After we finished up in the Arts District we made our way over to one of the downtown city parks in Dallas. This part of the session was very playful and full of love. After another quick outfit change, we hit the streets for some steamy dusky evening street shots. Jenn literally stopped traffic with her sassy grey heels and pink heart balloons. A gal just had to tell her how much she loved them! Enjoy the rest of this fabulous engagement session! Jenn and Cory, I can’t wait for your upcoming Dallas wedding and to see you again!

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      Love the last one!

      WOWZA!!! Amazing, Amy!!

      Wow he’s cute! Lucky gal ๐Ÿ˜‰

      These are absolutely unbelievable Amy! You have a gift for capturing such genuinity!

      Crazy-great session Amy! So many favorites but I love that last one on the street. Another sweet session full of genuine emotion and great style!

      Allison, thank you so much! The series on the street is my favorite too, but the park ones make my heart all mushy too!