Adria & Ian’s Shops at Legacy and Arbor Hills Engagement Session


I am pumped about Adria & Ian’s upcoming wedding at The Tribute Golf Club in the Colony, Texas. Its just a short drive north of Dallas. Its going to be amazing … kilts, a beautiful bride and a golf course that has true Scottish links to incorporate Ian’s heritage. Their engagement session is so fun and really tells the story of Adria and Ian. They met in high school. They shared their first kiss on stage while performing in front of an audience in theater. They love the outdoors.

When planning locations for their session, we toyed with the idea of going back to the high school auditorium where their love for the theater was shared and where it all started. They share a love for the theater still and decided a movie theater was a perfect spot and this location plays a huge role in their relationship … so a movie theater it was! I walked in to find a wall full of vintage movie posters. It was an awesome backdrop for the session. After they finished snuggling at the theater, they dashed backstage for a quick wardrobe change for Act 2 of the session. We found some amazing light and colors around The Shops at Legacy and the kisses, laughs and cuddles ensued. For Act 3, of the session, we made our way over to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, we were served up an amazing beautiful golden sunset. It was a perfect ending to a beautiful session. Adria and Ian, I am so excited about your upcoming wedding and can’t wait to see you again soon!

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