Jasmine & Trey’s Fun Fashion-forward Engagement Session


I am so excited to share Jasmine and Trey’s Dallas engagement session! Their wedding will be at the uber-fabulous Hotel ZaZa in Dallas this fall and is going to be crazy awesome! We had to split this session into two parts because the Dallas forecast had alternate plans for our pre-wedding portraits. Jasmine first met me through Nicole…you may remember Nicole’s Underwater Bridal session a few months ago. She and Nicole are two sweet friends and I am so fortunate to know them both. Trey and Jasmine are such a fun couple. They prepared for the session with fabulous hair and makeup from none other than Rayven with Beauty and the Blush and even brought along a portable bluetooth speaker to add some tunes to loosen up just a bit and get their modeling groove started. We began the session in the arts district of Downtown Dallas and made our way over to uptown for a quick photo op in front of Stanley Korshak. Trey is a big golfer, so we wanted to incorporate that element into the session. Once we got to the golf course, the clouds opened up and the lightening began. I decided holding a metal rod was the worst idea for a photo session with lightening, so we called it. Fast forward to the Jasmine + Trey engagement session 2.0, we made it back to the golf course and they really did shine. I had so much fun with y’all for your session and can’t wait for your wedding! I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

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3 thoughts on “Jasmine & Trey’s Fun Fashion-forward Engagement Session”

  1. I love the one in your black dress and your behind him and your smiling and he’s looking down as if to say ” This woman is too good for me” 🙂

  2. Amy – we are so beyond happy with our photos and know we will cherish them for a lifetime… that means that we will carry a little piece of you around with us for the rest of our lives… get ready for a fun ride! hehe ;+)

    I’ve said it before – you are crazy talented and it makes me smile really big to finally experience your work first hand. Till next time my friend… xoxo

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