Nicole’s Underwater Bridal Portraits


I am packing up gear to go shoot underwater photography and what is more fitting than sharing a Dallas underwater bridal session? Nicole & Brian’s Dallas wedding was last week and now I can officially share these beauties with all of you while they are on their honeymoon in Hawaii!

When I first met with Nicole to talk about her wedding at the Stoneleigh Hotel and Dallas Arboretum and her wedding photography, Margaret (her wedding planner) asked me show Nicole my underwater work. I pulled up the gallery on my iPad and I watched her eyes light up. I am thinking she was imagining herself underwater…..Dancing with her veil and flowers. I follow her on Pinterest and could see how much she loved water, fire, and all things pretty. She talked to me about doing a shoot and we got it on the books. Once the date started to get closer, we realized it was not going to be warm enough for an outdoor pool (heated pools are awesome until you have to get out in the cold weather with a WEDDING DRESS on!) , so we started to search for options inside. Nicole found a beautiful dress from Priscilla of Boston. She brought a bouquet of roses and her veil. I went shopping for some sheer fabric that I knew would flow beautifully underwater. I chose red to bring in the element of fire. Rayven with Beauty and the Blush did her fabulous makeup and used products to keep the makeup in place once we decided to dunk Nicole. She did great. She moved with such grace and poise and I was blown away with how natural she was for never doing anything like this before. This is one of my top shoots of all time favs … hope you love it as well.

underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-002 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-003 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-004 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-005 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-006 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-007 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-008 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-009 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-010 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-011 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-012 underwater-photography-dallas-texas-nicole-013

3 thoughts on “Nicole’s Underwater Bridal Portraits”

  1. Nicole Kowalczyk

    I absolutely love that we did these, Amy! They turned out so wonderfully. Our wedding guests kept asking how we took such amazing photos, and more than a few could not believe they were taken underwater. You are so wicked talented!!

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