Beth and Nathan’s Hall of State Wedding


This Dallas wedding was at the gorgeous historic, Hall of State. I was completely blown away when we walked in and saw the rich history and beautiful columns. We were able to get to know the couple at a fun Dallas engagement session in the fall. Beth and Nathan celebrated their wedding with their closest friends and family on a beautiful day in February. Beth wore a romantic bridal gown complete with amazing lace details. Nathan was super dapper wearing black and grey with his groomsmen. Briana Dai was on hand to makeup the gals flawlessly while Marcos Venegas and his team created great wedding hair for the gals! One of my favorite colors, as some of you know, is sparkly. I was in love with Beth’s wedding shoes….some super-sparkly gold Jimmy Choo’s. As always, we love working with Precious Creations….Margaret Johnstone with Precious Creations was the ultimate planner on board to help this event go flawlessly AND look amazing!  The gals got ready at the amazing Dallas hotel, ZaZa. I could have stayed in that suite for days photographing that gorgeous light! Marty with LoveNotes was there to officiate the wedding with his classy, humorous style. One of my favorite Marty wedding quotes as the bride arrives down the aisle at the beginning of the wedding ceremony, “This bride hasn’t stopped smiling since she got here….and this groom hasn’t stopped shaking!”….we just love Marty! The happy couple exited with bubbles and made their getaway into the night in a classy vintage Rolls Royce. We couldn’t be happier for you both! Congratulations Beth & Nathan! We wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

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  1. I love your work so much. All your pictures tell a story and they are beautiful memories for your clients.. Thank you for sharing your gift..

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