Beth and Nathan’s Hall of State Dallas Engagement

dallas wedding photographer with beth and nathan at hall of state

Beth and Nathan’s wedding will be at the beautiful Hall of State at Fair Park in downtown Dallas this upcoming year. I was completely blown away when we walked in and saw the rich history and beautiful columns….eeeep…can’t wait until their wedding! I met them on a gorgeous fall day where the weather was just perfect. The sun was shining through the trees and the leaves were still holding on a little from the most beautiful colors we have seen in Dallas in quite some time. This year, we actually had Autumn months and the colors were amazing. We have also had some 80 degree days in December, so Texas….your weather is crazy, but I love ya! After we pranced around (don’t tell Nathan I said he pranced…he didn’t prance at all), we went over to the Dallas Farmer’s Market for the golden hour with these two. We snuck in (shhhh!) and found some light dripping in by the hanging baskets. I just love to photograph through things and add a pop of color, so this spot was perfect for that. We wrapped our time together with a gorgeous sunset and these two being all lovey dovey on each other. It was a fun day and I can’t wait until your wedding! Its almost here!!

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