Coit and Celina’s Surprise Proposal


I have been wanting to photograph wedding proposals for such a long time. This is my second one this year! I am going on 7 years as a Dallas based wedding photographer, and this is the first year I have actually been able to be a part of such a joyous occasion. I often ask my clients when I first meet with them … “how did he propose?”. I hear the stories and think how wonderful would it be to have this moment captured?! Its getting a photographer there that makes it tricky. Are we hiding in the bushes, creeping behind a parked car, shooting from a trench coat? Coit was able to make it happen by telling Celina he bought a Groupon for family photography. We started the session as I would with any session, I started photographing them as a family. Coit’s son Ethan was there (but wasn’t in on the secret). A few pictures of the group, a few pictures of Ethan, then just the two of them. I wasn’t quite sure when it actually was going to happen, so I was cautious with my lens selection. I wanted to give them a variety for their “family session”, so we made our way to a beautiful patch of grass that was being lit so gorgeously in the afternoon sun. I kept saying, “oh, the light here is perfect”, “lets definitely shoot here!” … this was my cue to Coit, this was going to be the perfect spot to pop the question. I was shooting away when Coit paused for a split second to grab his sweater (the ring box was hidden in there!) and then it happened! He got down on one knee, the tears started to stream from Celina’s eyes, and they hugged, kissed, smiled, laughed, cried … all in about 30 seconds! We took a few more photos and then Celina said this was how she imagined their proposal to be and she was so glad Coit opted for a photographer to be there.

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22 thoughts on “Coit and Celina’s Surprise Proposal”

  1. I’m sooooo happy for you celina!!! This pictures literally brought tears to my eyes when I was looking at them!!! Congrats again!!

  2. Amazing pictures that captured such a beautiful moment!!! The one of Ethan proposing to Celina melted my heart!!!

  3. Celina,

    I am so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for you.
    Isn’t it ironic that we worked together at Davids Bridal.

  4. I like all the pictures. They tell the story so I feel like I was there. I like the pictures of both Coit and Ethan down on their knees.

  5. The pictures are beautiful! So glad I am able to see it! It is wonderful to see in the pictures all the happiness and love they have for each other!

  6. This is my nephew and great-nejphew and now my soon to be niece!(in law) these are just wonderful pictures and I am very proud of Coit for thinking of this! Brought tears to my eyes!

  7. So VERY happy for you guys. How exciting!
    The pictures are beautiful. Great idea, Coit!!!
    Celina, your reactions are precious!! love you guys

  8. Shannon Ordonez

    Congratulations to Celina & Coit! You captured the sweetness of this couple in a beautiful way! Love your work Amy!

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