Jeff & Tara’s Surprise Proposal


I am so touched by this wedding proposal story! When I meet with my wedding clients, I like to ask them about the proposal. This was the first one I was able to be a part of with a client. Jeff sent me a note a few weeks leading up to one the biggest days of his life with Tara. He was planning a surprise proposal and wanted to have it secretly photographed. We talked about how he was going to convince his beautiful Tara to get to a meeting so early in the morning on a Friday and since they work together, it was going to be a breeze. He had planned to propose to her at a location in Dallas, but the restaurant had alternate plans and he switched gears and decided Las Colinas was going to be a perfect place to pop the question. The La Cima Club was a perfect spot. It over-looked the skies of Las Colinas and we had a perfect view from the 26th floor of the sky-line of Dallas. I crouched behind a potted plant after my cue, cried a few tears, and laughed with them after Tera realized the jig was up. All of the excitement wasn’t over yet…Jeff planned a romantic gondola ride with hot chocolate and even a waterfall! Jeff and Tara’s story started 20 years ago when they were in school together and he gave her a promise ring. She and her family moved to South Texas, were they kept in touch by snail mail. Their lives would cross paths again where he found out, the promise ring was kept along with the letters they shared together. Jeff designed a book with images from their time together. As soon as he presented her with book and she began to turn the pages, tears started to stream from her face. The last pages of the book were images of the ring he gave her 20 years ago beside the ring he was presenting for the proposal. The page read, “Promises Kept”. Their love story touched me and I hope it does the same for you.

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