Raman and Shantanu’s Sikh Wedding in Dallas, Texas


This past fall I photographed this gorgeous Dallas Indian wedding…..eeep!! – the color was a joy to see. It was full of tradition, family, culture, and color, color, color! Raman and Shantanu worked closely with me to make sure I was prepared for what their wedding would be like. She sent me YouTube videos and tons of information so I would have a general idea what I would be photographing. I did tons of research and wanted to make sure I was up to speed with all of the traditions so not to offend or miss anything. Raman and her friends and family were so gracious and held my hand the entire time (not literally, but helped a great deal). I was anxious to download the CF cards and view the images so between the ceremony and reception and after the Mendhi, I posted a few from the previous events before the reception on Facebook and Instagram (lets connect!). That’s where all of my super-sneak peeks go (back of my camera shots). My style lends itself to be quite photojournalistic, so I tend to look for social queues. Where is everyone else looking? That’s going to be what I will photograph along with the people looking. I had a few helpful guides on the day-of that helped me so much and kept me on track. Raman and Shantanu’s Dallas Indian Wedding was such a wonderful event. They had friends, family and a great deal of love around them the entire weekend. The ceremony was held at the Sikh Temple of North Texas. The reception was in McKinney, Texas at Stonebridge Ranch Country Club. We set aside time that day to take some wonderful portraits with just the two of them before the reception. The sun was creeping down and I spotted a hill and just knew it would be a “hero shot” for sure, so they twirled, I snapped and as soon as I saw the back of my camera, I gasped….it was stunning! Now to share with you…enjoy!

dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-002 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-003 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-004 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-005 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-006 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-007 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-008 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-009 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-010 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-011 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-012 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-013 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-015 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-016 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-017 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-018 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-019 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-021 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-022 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-024 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-026 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-027 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-028 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-030 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-032 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-034 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-035 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-038 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-039 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-040 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-041 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-042 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-043 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-044 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-045 dallas-texas-indian-wedding-sikh-046

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  1. Shawn Marie Verner

    Soooooo gorgeous! I LOVE your work Amy! I started recognizing people here and I saw my past bride, Simmi! I photographed her wedding this last May! Small world! Great post!

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