This weekend was Raman and Shantanu’s Dallas Indian Wedding. The ceremony was held at the Sikh Temple of North Texas. I was so honored to be there to photograph it. This was my first Indian Wedding. I did tons of research and wanted to make sure I was up to speed with all of the traditions so not to offend or miss anything. Raman and her friends and family were so gracious and held my hand the entire time (not literally, but helped a great deal). I was anxious to download the CF cards and view the images so between the ceremony and reception and after the Mendhi, I posted a few from the previous events before the reception on Facebook and Instagram (lets connect!). That’s where all of my super-sneak peeks go (back of my camera shots).  Now to share with you…enjoy!


      Saturday morning….

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      This shot was taken just before we went into the reception that evening. Raman did change into a different outfit and it was stunning. Shantanu’s suit was really dapper as well. Check out this image as they were twirling for my camera at the top of a hill. The birds are even dancing.

      Saturday evening….

      dallas indian wedding photographer (1)

      Does the fact that I’ve been majorly slacking on the blog posts mean I am officially a Bad Blogger?  Or…just a busy wedding photographer/mom/wife/daughter/sister/janitor/editor/website-administrator/social-media/bookkeeper/marketing director? You get it….lots of jobs.

      Now that the silence has been broken, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and hope that things get a little more interesting around here. I have at least 20 blog posts in draft status right now to share.  I feel like I need to write “I will blog more weddings” on the blackboard 100 times as my punishment. My clients know I’ve been busy pumping out the sessions and client galleries. Lets connect on Facebook and you can see tons of updates in real time.


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      I am not Indian but I want one of these elegant sari….beautiful wedding!

      I will do much googling to understand the story in these photos! More culture = WIN! You do more than you think, Mrs. Karp!!!

      Raman, you are stunning! Many happy years to you and your feller!!! :o)

      You did a wonderful job and were so patient, friendly, and happy throughout it all. Can’t wait to see them all!

      Amy, these are so great! Can’t wait to see the rest!

      Oh my word Amy! These are gorgeous! Fabulous job.