Lauren and Ryan

This Dallas wedding photography is happening because these two souls were connected by the universe not once but twice. A connecting flight was their first encounter and months later they ran into each other again during St. Patrick’s Day in Dallas. This time they couldn’t ignore what the universe was telling them and they began their relationship together. Meet Lauren and Ryan. I met up with them in Highland Park in Dallas at one of my favorite locations that is always full of lush greenery, geese, and water. They are set to marry this upcoming spring in a beautiful venue in Downtown Dallas. We are so excited to work with this couple and it was a absolute joy to spend the afternoon with them making beautiful images together! Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-01 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-02 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-03 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-04 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-05 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-07 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-08 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-09 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-10 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-11 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-12 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-13 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-14  dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-16 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-17 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-18 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-19dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-15 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-20 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-21 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-22 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-23 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-24 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-25 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-26 dallas-highland-park-engagement-portraits-lauren-ryan-27

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