Stephanie and Aaron

Today’s highland park Dallas engagement portraits are with a small town East Texas gal and a dapper gentleman from Ohio jumped in front of my camera for some gorgeous Dallas engagement portraits and one of my favorite spots. With days until the first official day of Spring, the colors are popping all around the Dallas area. We’ve had lots of rain and some great sun to thank for that. Meet Stephanie and Aaron. They are set to wed later this year in Dallas. These two lit up the day with their personalities and love for one another. They wanted a great backdrop, genuine photos and great light … check, check, check!! We were at one of my favorite Highland Park locations and it the light could not have been more perfect. There was just enough wind to make it into a super-model shoot at times. I loved the colors and feel of the session and it was a great way to kick of the beginning of Spring 2016! Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-01 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-02 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-03 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-04 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-05 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-06 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-07 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-08 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-09 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-10 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-11 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-12 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-13 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-14highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-24highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-15highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-16highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-17highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-19highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-18highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-20highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-21highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-22highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-23highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-25 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-26 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-27 highland-park-wedding-photographer-dallas-stephanie-aaron-28

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