Andrea and Mark

We beat the brutal Dallas, Texas heat last summer and jumped in the water during a Dallas engagement session. Okay, so it wasn’t that spontaneous. We planned it but they did get in the water in full clothes and that flowy fabric made my heart sing. I am pretty sure if there was a surgery that could give a human gills, I’d strongly consider it. I love water that much!!

Andrea and Mark really shined bright during our session together. Lots of laughs and inappropriate funny words were spoken during our session. We explored the Arts District in Dallas for their session and then we went back to their home and they made one last wardrobe change and we took a dip. I loved working with these two cool cats and stretching my creative wings. Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-01 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-02 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-03 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-04 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-05 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-06 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-07 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-08 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-09 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-10 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-11 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-12 dallas-wedding-engagement-photographer-andrea-mark-13

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