These Dallas bridal portraits have got to be some of my all-time favorites and I am so very excited to be able to share them with you! I listened as Emily talked about her upcoming wedding at the magnificient W Hotel in Dallas. I listened and watched her light up as she talked about her beautiful boxer pup, Cali and her loving fiance, Daniel. When she began to describe her Tara Keely dress, I had no idea what I was in store for until the day she showed up for her Dallas bridal portraits at the beautiful park in Dallas nestled in Highland Park. I thought it was one of the best wedding dresses I’ve seen and it was amazingly perfect for Emily and her body type and personality. Her mom was there to assist with fans and dogs and flowers and was the best cheering section we could ask for. We made our way through the park as Emily effortlessly posed for my camera and each photograph I would squeal with delight. It was the perfect amount of overcast that day too. The cloud cover was great and made for some excellent diffused light. I pinch myself daily thinking about how so very lucky we are to work with such amazing clients! Thank you for your trust and allowing me to make beautiful art with you, Emily (and Cali!). Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas bridal portraits-1dallas bridal portraits-2 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-02dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-03 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-04 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-05 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-06 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-07 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-08 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-09 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-11 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-12 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-13 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-14 dallas-bridal-portraits-by-amy-karp-highland-park-15

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