Annette and Jabu

Meet Annette and Jabu. They are getting married this summer in Dallas and their wedding will be at the Crescent Hotel. They currently live in New Jersey and decided I’d throw it out there to see if they’d be interested in me traveling from Dallas to New York to shoot their engagement session.  I do Dallas engagement portraits and find great spots all over the metroplex for my clients. I was excited about the possibility to see and photograph somewhere I’d never seen before. Annette is from Dallas and Jabu is from New Jersey. They met in college at Rutgers while they were both on athletic scholarships. He overheard her talking to some of her teammates about ice cream so he carefully crafted a message to her asking her if she’d like to get some ice cream. It wasn’t that message that would win her attention, but it was the spark that started the story of Annette and Jabu. I was stalking the weather for weeks and I was seeing some unseasonably warm temperatures for NYC so I was getting excited that we wouldn’t be too terribly cold for their session. The day I arrived, the temps dropped to the 20’s and that blistering wind made it feel like single digits. We knew it was going to be cold and we’d be chasing light, so I scouted that morning and found the most amazing places. It seems everywhere we looked, the light was bouncing off all of the buildings and creating natural reflectors for us to use to our advantage. I spotted the New York City Library and fell in love. After the first half of the session, we jumped in the car and fled like speedsters to Liberty State Park. The view of the city was amazing and Empty Sky Memorial was a stunner as well. Photographing this session was so much fun. I am so glad you had me out to the city to photograph this time of your lives! Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

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