Friends, this Dallas wedding photographer is pumped! Today we are in for a treat! These Downtown Dallas engagement portraits were some for the record books. It was our first for a few things and were stoked to document this session! Two people crazy in love willing to and able to do anything!! This portrait session has it all….beautiful people, laughs, dogs, SMOKE BOMBS and even a tattoo session at the end. I mean, its insanely good. Meet Rachel and Abel. Two mega-talented people about to get married in Dallas. Rachel is the brilliance behind one of our favorite wedding planning teams in Dallas, As You Wish Events. We’re always pumped to collaborate with her team and were especially excited to bring it for her special engagement portraits. Abel is a powerhouse painting guru. He creates amazing pieces and does it live if you’ll let him! We shot everything around Deep Ellum to fill their session with lots of color and create a cool urban vibe. They brought along their super sweet pup, Watson. Rachel’s ultra-hip Mom, Peggy was along for the ride to make sure Watson was well cared for and was amazing cheering section!! We strolled around the city streets looking for all that good light and found lots of tiny pockets full of sunshine. I had an immensely difficult time narrowing this session down to a reasonable number to share on the blog. Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last! Without further ado … Rachel and Abel!

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      I ❤️ everything about this. Stunning couple!

      Such a fun and happy session! Love it!