This year is off to a pretty great start. Travel to New York City with one of my friends who is also an amazingly talented friendor (“friendor” = wedding vendor friend! Kelley with Elle Films – holla!!! ) AND photograph one of our beautiful 2016 wedding couples around the bustling city. With this happening first in 2016, it really pumps me up for what this year has in store. I met with a group of friends to discuss goals for both business and personal and one of them was to blog more. I have really honed in on my workflow this past year and our clients are reaping the rewards. We are so excited to have a solid system in place and are always looking to improve and grow for the better. Now that we’ve got a little extra time, I want to carve that out for some more blog posts. I’m not quite sure what that looks like, but it helps our viewers to get to know us a little better and puts a voice to our work. I also want to begin shooting more personal work and that means some model calls might be in the near future (for land and underwater!). I am just really excited for what this year has in store. 2014 and 2015 were both years of growth and learning and we are feeling more confident than ever going into this year ready to serve our clients and make beautiful images with them!! That said, here’s some personal work with my pal Kelley around Lower Manhattan in New York. Enjoy! Also, if you’ve got a second, leave me quick note to let me know you stopped by in the comments section….I only ever hear from my Mom and she’s super proud (but aren’t most Moms 😉 )

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