Susan and Dan


“Lets go down to White Rock Lake and play in some amazing light and have our pictures made!”….that’s what I imagine Dan and Susan said on their way out of the door to meet me for their session. They arrived looking great and coordinating beautifully. Love the color combinations they chose for their Dallas engagement session. The light was extra gorgeous that day … the perfect amount of cloud cover. I had such a fun time with these two and learning how to get my “blue steel” face on!

Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last! Have so much fun planning your destination wedding and don’t forget… I TRAVEL (winky face!)

dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-02dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-01 dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-04 dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-05 dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-06 dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-07 dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-08 dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-09 dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-10 dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-11 dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-12 dallas-engagement-portraits-white-rock-lake-susan-dan-13

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