Julie and David


Elopement ceremonies hold a very sweet spot in my heart. Two people saying forever to one another so intimately and so privately…and usually on a weekday. I love them and I cry at every single one of them.

meet Julie and David.

I’m in love with your work, and wanted to know your availability and rates. We’re getting married outdoors in Dallas at 10 AM, this summer. This will be a “just us” civil ceremony with no guests, and we would love to have you photograph us during the ceremony and afterwards….

I love the “just us” part. It was such a powerful ceremony with so many emotions and it only lasted a few minutes. It was perfect. After the ceremony they were still on cloud nine…THEY’RE MARRIED! My favorite parts of the wedding day at the portraits with just the couple. That’s when we get a chance to have some quiet moments and the couple gets to reflect on the wedding day and photography magic happens. I loved this Monday…Julie and David’s wedding day.

Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

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