Ooooh, I’m always so happy to be able to share these Texas bridal portraits! I have to hide these beauties until the wedding day and sometimes these photographs are so hot that my computer wants to explode. Let me introduce you to Megan. She is a true beauty inside and out and we were thrilled to work with her and Chase for their entire wedding photography process. Brooke, and the team of Each and Every Detail made the fabulous introduction to us and we fell in love with this couple, their ideas for their wedding and their personalities. For her bridal portraits we walked the streets of Downtown McKinney, Texas looking for interesting and unique backdrops. I was so inspired by all of the vignettes the city has to offer.  We stumbled upon so many cute little doorways, columns and awesome evergreen trees. I just that my clients are just as much into the creative process as me and are for exploring to find the perfect spots. Without further ado … Megan.

mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-02 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-03 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-04 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-05 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-06 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-07 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-08 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-09 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-10 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-11 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-12 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-13 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-14 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-15 mckinney-bridal-portraits-megan-16

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