Shay and Walter


Today I want to introduce you to Shay and Walter. Two fun, energetic, kind, fashion-forward people in Dallas that happen to be engaged and having me photograph their wedding in Mexico next year. They met working in the design world and both have a really great eye for what looks great.

We met recently and we penciled in a date for the engagement session in Downtown Dallas. She showed me photos of the one skirt and smokin’ red dress she picked out and I my eyes popped out of my head. I couldn’t wait to work with this couple and see this all come together. I arrived to meet Walter and see him in his muted tones but a pop of color on the feet. The weather was trying to intervene and pour down on us, so we knew we needed to boogie through the outfits if we wanted to fit them all into the portrait session. The next outfit was that magnificent skirt paired with just the right amount of color. I found some soft backgrounds to really make that outfit pop, but the bead wall, is definitely off the charts as well. The last outfit was a red number with a slit up the side and Walter wore a dapper suit paired with a red tie. I took them to the water, because water really gets my engines going. Its like a magnet…I just can’t keep my clients out of the water when they are with me.

The session was a great success and we stayed dry from the rain. I am so excited for you two and can’t wait for your wedding next year. I am so thankful Ebony of Ebony Peoples Events & Design brought us together and am pumped to see what she does to make your day amazing!

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  1. Beautiful couple! the pictures were Flawlessly done! Congratulations, I’m happy for the both of you.

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