Katy and Rocky


Buckle up, friends!! This engagement session is sure to get your engines revved! Meet Katy and Rocky…a serious power couple! These two are set to marry this fall in Dallas at the Historic Adolphus Hotel with the help of Kimberly with Hitched Events. I’m certain it will be a beautiful wedding with the amazing team of wedding professionals Kimberly will put together for them.

Katy and Rocky were so much fun to photograph. Rocky has a slick black 1969 Lincoln that he drove to the session. He pulled up looking dapper with his shades on and lowered the top and my camera got excited…along with all of the other people passing by. Several folks stopped to take their own pictures and compliment the car. Then up walks Katy with the sweetest smile and bright brown eyes. This was bound to be a killer session. These two did not disappoint. They killed it the entire time. She had just a couple of requests for the session and we nailed it. You’ll have to scroll to the end of the blog post to see the amazing dip they did in Downtown Dallas…I promise it is worth it! downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-02 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-03 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-04 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-05 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-06 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-07 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-08 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-09 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-10 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-11 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-12 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-13 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-14 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-15 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-16 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-17 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-18 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-19 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-20 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-21 downtown-dallas-engagement-portraits-katy-rocky-22

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