Monica and Kyle

They sat across from me and talked about what marriage meant to them. Their love for one another was evident as he held her and stroked her arm. They talked to me about their wedding plans and if their story would be something that I’d be interested in documenting through photography. Heck yeah it was! I told them how much I love photographing intimate weddings and how everyone’s story deserves to be beautifully documented. They set the date and made an appointment at Frank Crowley Courts Building in Downtown Dallas. We met on a beautiful afternoon with glorious sun and the Judge got these two hitched in about 2 minutes flat. The ceremony might have been a little shorter than that, but it was filled with love and I was a little misty-eyed behind my camera. After the wedding nuptials, we made our way into the heart of downtown Dallas for some of my favorite wedding day portraits … I loved hanging with these guys!

Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-002 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-003 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-004 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-005 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-006 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-007 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-008 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-009 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-010 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-011 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-012 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-013 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-014 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-015 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-016 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-017 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-018 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-019 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-020 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-021 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-022 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-023 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-024 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-025 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-026 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-027 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-028 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-029 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-030 dallas-elopement-wedding-monica-kyle-031

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