Dallas Senior Portraits with McKinnley


We interrupt this Dallas Wedding Photographer‘s blog to bring you a beautiful portrait session with a Senior girl named McKinnley. I’m so excited to share these senior portraits with you. In general, wedding photography is where I find my sweet spot,  however I also adore creating any type of natural light portraits with a strong editorial feel. McKinnley was a complete natural with me. She took direction really well and was a knock-out to photograph. When I was a Senior in High School many many moons ago, a lot of my friends went to the same place, their pictures had a similar feel and most of them were in a studio. I was just getting into my love for photography and sought out an amazing photographer that specialized in outdoor portraits with a little splash of editorial in there. I’d say that’s where my love for portraits began. I love making an image and hearing family and friends comment on how I captured THEM. After the session, McKinnley was so proud to share her photos and reading the comments on Instagram really let me know that I captured her and who she was. I had a wonderful time getting to know this beautiful smart young woman and I am so happy for her and what the future holds for her.

dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-02 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-03 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-04 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-05 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-06 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-07 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-08 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-09 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-10 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-11 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-12 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-13 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-14 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-15 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-16 dallas-senior-portraits-mckinnley-17

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