Dallas Engagement Session with Megan and Chase


I love to meet with a bride and groom before their wedding and talk about details, what they envision for their wedding photography and what attracted them to my photography. I usually get in-person booking meetings, but when the miles between us keep us from meeting in person, we opt for good ol’ fashioned Skype. I was so excited to meet with Megan and Chase to talk about their wedding … Photography is a high priority to these two and they are working with the fabulous team of Each and Every Detail. I’m certain Brooke is pulling all the stops to create a flawless event for them and putting together an amazing team of wedding professionals. We got together for their engagement session this fall and naturally, I saw water and got excited. If you get me close enough, I’ll ask you to get in with me. I am drawn to that H2O, friends…. I just can’t help myself!! You can see my underwater photography here. Back to Megan and Chase … they’re stunners and I had an amazing time getting to know them! Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-02 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-03 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-04 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-05 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-06 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-07 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-08 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-09 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-10 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-11 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-12 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-13 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-14 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-15 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-16

31 thoughts on “Dallas Engagement Session with Megan and Chase”

  1. Thank you so much Amy for taking these beautiful shots! They turned out great, I can’t wait to take more!! 🙂

  2. Mallory Blaylock

    BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!! These are amazing pictures of amazing people!! My sister is going to be the prettiest bride in the DFW!!!

  3. Mallory Blaylock

    beautiful pictures of beautiful people!! My sister will be the prettiest bride in DFW area by far!!!

  4. These pictures are absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to witness the ceremony and y’all’s love for each other in just a few short months and look back on what are sure to be beautiful pictures and remember all the fun that we will have!!!

  5. Charlie Golding

    Chase is a sexy man. Looking forward to the wedding!!! These pics are so great, chase looks so rugged and manly!

  6. If ever a portrait captured the beauty of a bride to be better than these I want to see them. Well done and as beautiful as this couple.

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