Wedding Elopement in Dallas for Amanda & Chris

dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-01Two designers meet in New York City. One moves across the country to Dallas, Texas and 6 years later, the other follows. Yesterday they said “I do” in a very private intimate way in a park over-looking the lake with beautiful autumn leaves as a backdrop. Just them, a minister, some colorful leaves and a gaggle of geese.

I could hardly contain my tears as I photographed this beautiful union between Amanda and Chris. I arrived at the park to scout the location early and find the perfect quiet spot where they would make vows to each other for their forever.  Amanda and Chris enlisted Marty with Lovenotes to perform the ceremony. The vows spoken were so touching and perfectly fitting for them. After the kiss, a parade of geese swam along behind them and seemed to be cheering the couple on. It was greatness! We spent a little more time together with a champagne toast and some portraits. Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last! It was an absolute honor to photograph such a beautiful wedding ceremony. dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-02 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-03 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-04dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-07 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-06 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-08 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-09 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-10 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-11 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-12 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-13 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-14 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-15 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-16 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-17 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-18 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-19 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-20 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-21 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-22 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-23 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-24 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-25 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-26 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-27 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-28 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-29 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-30 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-31 dallas-elopement-photographer-amanda-chris-32

6 thoughts on “Wedding Elopement in Dallas for Amanda & Chris”

  1. Amy these shots capture the day SO PERFECTLY!!!!!! you’re such a talented photographer we absolutely could not be happier!!!! xoxo STUNNING!

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