S & D Oyster Company Engagement Portraits with Amber & Steven


I am so excited to share this engagement portrait session with you guys. Meet Steven and Amber. They just finished medical school and are set to have their wedding next year at beautiful historic Belo Mansion. They have a great wedding professional lineup with DFW Events orchestrating the wedding day for them. I love it when my clients think outside of the box for their portraits. Steven sent me one inspiration image for the second half of their session and I knew the perfect spot to recreate that look in Dallas. The first half of the session was all Amber and Steven. They wanted a location with meaning and somewhere special to them. When I got the request, I was immediately excited. I mean, I have never photographed an engagement session in place like this. I had props, beer and two gorgeous people to play with. I met up with Amber and Steven at S & D Oyster Company. They got engaged in New Orleans and this location was the perfect mix for them. Amber’s mom was there to witness all the fun. Her mom shared that their family had been going to this restaurant most of Amber’s life and it was a special place for them. She was also there to take Miller, their adorable golden retriever home to rest after her modeling gig was over. Miller, the 7 1/2 month old golden retriever did jumping high-fives!! How crazy awesome is that?? For the second half of the session we made our way into Downtown Dallas for a more formal look. With the sun setting earlier since our clocks fell back and it being over-cast, the city lights were working in our favor. A few gorgeous images downtown and our session was complete! I had such a wonderful time getting to know you both! Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-02 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-03 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-04 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-05 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-06 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-07 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-08 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-09 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-10 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-11 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-12 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-13 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-14 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-15 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-16 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-17 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-18 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-19 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-20 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-21 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-22 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-23 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-24 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-25 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-26 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-27 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-28 dallas-wedding-photographer-oyster-bar-engagement-session-29

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