Summer and Kyle’s Dallas Engagement Session at White Rock Lake


Oh, Texas, your weather is so silly! Oh, Summer and Kyle, you guys are HOT!

Meet Summer and Kyle. They met in med school and are both from the DFW area. The three of us met for a sunrise Dallas engagement session at White Rock Lake and the forecast predicted rain all week….bleh! Summer and Kyle are in medical school in Galveston, so our eyes were glued to the forecast for the days leading up to their portrait session. They were going to make the trip no matter what and I am so glad they did. We had a beautiful day for portraits. They are set to have a rustic and elegant summer wedding next year Big Sky Event Hall. I love working at new wedding venues in the Dallas area and this one sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see it. Kyle mentioned he proposed to Summer around White Rock, so its great we were able to incorporate that into their session. These two were so much fun to work with and really did well with my “touchy-feely” poses I requested. Kyle makes the most amazing crow sound I really can’t wait to hear it again. Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

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100 thoughts on “Summer and Kyle’s Dallas Engagement Session at White Rock Lake”

  1. Dawn Chisholm Meinhardt

    LOVE these amazing photos of my son and his bride to be. Amy you captured their spirit, together and individually. I am beyond impressed. Thank you. Dawn.

  2. Incredible subjects, incredible eyes and incredible photographs!
    It looks like you guys had a great morning at White Rock Lake.

  3. SUMMMERRR – you are gorgeous ! . kyle.. meh. haha just kidding. these pictures are amazing. ya’ll are amazing. Truly complement one another. I love how ya’ll just make sense as a couple.
    Can’t wait to be at your weddinggg!

  4. Amy, your shots are creative and inspiring. You incorporated great balance and color to bring out the best in Summer and Kyle. Well done. -Allison, Summer’s Aunt

  5. The photos are absolutely beautiful. Kyle – so very happy for you and by looking at the photos, you can tell how you have found your partner for life in Summer. I wish you the very best in your future.

  6. What a beautiful couple, and such great pictures. Hey Kyle, I gave you a pair of boots a few years ago at my wedding. Do they still fit? Looks like you might need another pair like your gorgeous fiancé Summer has!!!

  7. i love these pictures! Particularly the ones where it looks like you two are having fun together. But my favorite one is the one of your two hands. Holding hands is something that is loving and fun, strengthening and intimate. And you can do it just about anywhere.

  8. Summer and Kyle, I’m so thrilled for you both and loved seeing your engagement pictures. Y’all look amazing and so IN LOVE!

  9. Summer and Kyle,
    What GREAT pictures! Summer you are stunning, as always, and Kyle you are a handsome man. Your look is strong, she needs a strong and compassionate man. I even got Ms. Dess in here and she loved the pictures as well. Can’t wait to see you come together and become the family that glorifies God.

  10. OMG! I DIE for these Photos! Kyle is a good friend of mine and It warms my heart to see him and Summer like this! I love the lighting and everything about this! You both look STUNNING!!!

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