Dallas Engagement Portraits with Arielle and Daniel


Happy Tuesday friends!! I am so happy to introduce you to Arielle and Daniel, a fabulous AKP Wedding Couple. These two met me at White Rock lake and laughed and smiled the entire time. Daniel collects high-fives and Arielle has an infectious smile and the most stunning red hair (that moves magnificently in the wind)! They are set to get married this fall in Dallas at the Cooper Aerobics Center in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. Sarabeth Events and her amazing team are putting together a fantastic team of wedding professionals. It is going to be perfection! It was a great time getting to know these two and chat it up about life and So You Think You Can Dance. They were naturals in front of my camera and did so well….no warm up necessary for these cool cats. They hit it off immediately and are now thinking about a career change to modeling. True story.

The weather this summer has been a little on the cooler side for Texas and we are ever so grateful! We have also had little rain this summer in the Dallas area, but the days it did decide to look gloomy in the forecast were on days we had our session scheduled….so fast forward to “Third time’s a charm”, we were able to meet up and have some gorgeous light and make some fantastic images together. It was such a beautiful day with a killer sunset at the end of their session. I am so honored to be your wedding photographer and can’t wait to see you guys again on your wedding day! Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-02 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-03 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-04 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-05 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-06 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-07 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-08 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-09 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-10 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-11 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-12 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-13 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-14 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-15 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-16 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-17 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-18 dallas-wedding-photographer-white-rock-engagement-session-arielle-daniel-19

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