Arbor Hills in Plano, Texas with Abby and Kyle


I just love photographing engagement portraits. Its a chance for me to get to know my couples and find out what their love looks like. Hot diggity dog, this sweet couple brought me such joy to photograph them. They are a sweet couple that met in Oklahoma. She’s a city girl and he’s a fan of nature, so they wanted to bring the best of both of them to their engagement session.  Abby and Kyle’s wedding is set for next year just north of Dallas at Chapel Ana Villa. We made a few stops for their engagement session. One of my favorites spots of the day was at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas. We asked for nature and we RECEIVED nature. I was about to pose them and saw something scurry under a rock in my peripheral vision. It was fast, it was dark and it didn’t come out from under the rock…thank the stars!!  After they came down from the hill and I was able to get some of my favorite photos from the session, WE SAW A SNAKE! It was no small garden variety snake either … I am pretty sure I sounded like a crazy person. It was huge. It was green and it was taller than me. I bet it even had horns, but I didn’t get that close. The rest of the nature part of our session, I made sure to keep them in open parts where I could see clearly what was around us…HA! I can’t wait for your wedding and to see you guys again! Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

51 thoughts on “Arbor Hills in Plano, Texas with Abby and Kyle”

  1. Oh my goodness these two look like supermodels, and looks like they had fun while doing so!! An amazing photographer, what gorgeous photos!

  2. The red dress makes a bold statement & the lace dress is so organic! This was a fabulous shoot and every photo shares a story! Thanks for such excellent work!!

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