Family Portraits in Dallas at the Arts District


When Antara contacted me about their Dallas family portraits, I just knew it was going to be killer awesome fun. I’m not able to photograph a ton of families since I specialize in wedding photography, but I was totally digging on this one and would definitely love to do more! We narrowed down the location for Downtown Dallas in the arts district. She sent me links to images she was attracted to and told me she wanted the fun playful natural light photos with a hint of that fashiony flair I always love incorporating into my sessions. They were planning for two different looks. They started in their Indian clothes and swapped into American clothes during the second half of the session. It was hotter than a thousand suns that day and I selfishly wanted to lay in the water in front of the Winspear for the rest of the session. Then it hit me that I would cool the kiddos (and ME) off and create organized chaos. I posed Antara and Arun and told Asha and Neel to have fun and it was perfection. One of my favorite family portraits to date … like ever. I saved my favorite from the session until the very end of this post. It was so much fun to hang out with this family. Enjoy!!


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