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Hot Diggity Dog!! The Amy Karp Photography site has a spiffy new look! I am really excited about what’s to come in the next chapters of my Dallas wedding and underwater photography business. I know, I know … this little website has seen a few design updates, but for the very first time I feel like this says who I am and what my brand represents. This design finally suits the images it displays. I am blessed to know quite a bit about web design, but in the same breath, that can be a bit troublesome. I know just enough to get me into trouble most times. When I first started my photography website many moons ago (almost 8 years to be exact), I bought a very inexpensive website theme, put up my very best images and opened my doors for business. A few months later, I found ProPhoto and gave that a go. Fast forward a couple of years, I then decided I wanted to control more of the back-end of the coding and decided to dive deeper into that sea of webdesign and switched over to the Genesis platform. Its a powerful WordPress engine and really sparked my interest in webdesign again. After all, I took one semester in college which makes me 100% qualified to build sites, right? I stumbled through some really interesting website designs along the way…a few of them even got published in featured galleries for StudioPress. In the spring of 2009, I took a wonderful workshop where my site was critiqued by one of the founders of Junebug Weddings. I was ready. I could handle it…I wanted to grow. The first thing she said to me was, “What do you do?” I didn’t have a site that spoke to my audience immediately telling them “who I was and what I did”.  I visited the Wayback machine to see how interesting of an evolution its been. Wowzers … check out all that hot pink!


This time, we just stripped it all down. No fancy backgrounds, no over-the-top graphics, just super simple. We wanted the images to do all the talking. I am so so very excited about this Chapter. It really makes me want to make sure to blog even more. I photographed a beautiful proposal story last week and that’s up next on the shiny new blog! I can’t wait to have you back to see it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Website Redesign :: The New AKP”

  1. Ah, hello… this is simply gorgeous. I think it also tells us “who you are”

    GIANT cyber high five for the wayback machine reference. (:

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