Amber and Buck were married this month in Jacksonville, Texas at Castle on the Lake. I can’t wait to share their gorgeous wedding photographs with you, but for now…..Whahoooo! I get to share some bridals. I usually have to sit on them until after the wedding and generally don’t post them on my wedding photography blog. Now, when a bride says she wants to get INTO a tree for her bridals…..those I have to remember to post!

      Q. We’d love to know what attracted you to us and our wedding photography. When do you plan on booking a photographer for your wedding?
      A. I have been watching your work for about three years know and you have continued to make your work grow in an amazing direction. What I like most is the moments you capture and the angles and lighting you catch it in. I can feel the emotion in the pictures and that is what I want for my wedding photos. Slightly posed but truly in the moment natural. “

      I was so honored to get her inquiry the day it came in. I was also very nervous … she’s been watching my photography for 3 years. Amber, you seriously made my month with your sweet words …. thank you for that πŸ™‚ We shot her bridals in Fort Worth at the Botanic Gardens. We ended our session at Trinity Park in a giant tree….you’ll want to get to the end of this post and see for yourself. I had such a wonderful time with you and your Mom. I just adored working with you all! Thanks so much for letting us be a small part of your big day!

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      Amber’s pictures are absolutely beautiful!! I love how Amy paid attention to every detail of her dress, down to the jewelry and everything. I have seen a lot of wedding photos and these are some of the best I have ever seen!! Just gorgeous!

      Beautiful pictures of a beautiful bride! Can’t wait to see more!

      LOVE LOVE!!

      Beautiful Bride and beautiful pictures.

      Nice pictures Amber! See you on the mountain

      So pretty!!!

      These are great pic what a great photographer

      Amber..you are absolutely beautiful!! The pictures are amazing:0))

      Great pictures Amber. Simply stunning!I like the one of you sitting on the stairs, that is a pure picture of you.

      Beautiful bride! Beauitful pictures! Beauitful Day!

      These turned out amazing!! You were and beautiful bride and it looks like Amy captured it perfectly. I cannot wait to see all the wedding pictures! πŸ™‚

      Absolutely Beautiful!!!!

      AMAZING pictures!!

      Beautiful bride, wonderful photographer!! Such a great day πŸ™‚

      She is so beautiful what great pictures.

      Gorgeous photos. Gorgeous bride. Gorgeous wedding!

      Beautiful portraits & beautiful bride!!

      Jennifer LeGrand

      Just gorgeous !

      Gosh Mrs. Webster, I’ve never seen such an elegant approach to climbing a tree!

      Kathleen Heasley

      Amy you did a great job taking pictures of my beautiful daughter. Can’t wait ot see the wedding pic’s

      These are so beautiful! Their fairy tale wedding couldn’t have been captured better.

      Love, love, love all the pics, and Amber is the most beautiful bride ever. Amy Karp is wonderful photographer, very talented.

      What great photography! Not too hard with such a beautiful bride

      Fabulous pictures!!

      Wow these photos are absolutely gorgeous! You look amazing Amber and the scenery is so beautiful!

      such a pretty bride awesome pictures cant wait to see more!!!


      #Beautiful Bride = Very Nicely Captured Photos…

      These are wonderful! Amber was such a beautiful bride, and Amy captured that beauty!

      Beautiful pictures and beautiful bride!!

      The most beautiful bride I have ever seen!!! Great pictures!

      Wow Amber you are so Beautiful!! These Pictures came out so great and you are breathtaking. I am so glad I could be apart of it. Love you Guys!


      Amber is a beautiful bride and these pictures really capture it! πŸ™‚

      Amber is one of my favorite people in the world, and you captured her beautiful soul so well!

      Absolutely beautiful!