Get excited!! This fun-filled wedding is jam-packed with delicious wedding portraits, crazy awesome wedding details and two sweet Texas A&M Aggies gettin’ hitched! I am so excited to share this beautiful Texas wedding! Marissa and Jarrod were married in Beaumont, Texas…about 6 hours south of Dallas. It was a such an amazing day between two Texas A&M Aggies and their wonderful families.  Let’s rewind a bit and head back to their Dallas Fort Worth engagement session. You may remember this fun Fort Worth engagement photography. They are both artists and their hearts are full of love. Jarrod came up with a brilliant idea (being a smart guy and mega-talented artist) for his proposal to Marissa. He designed it and drew it, painted it and gave it to her. Of course her answer was also a work of art…. she responded with her drawing as well! They incorporated this art into their reception decor as well. I was blown away by these two. They designed so many wonderful items for the wedding. From the wedding invitations, the wine bottle labels, programs, and to all of the paper poms hanging all over Courvilles. The reception venue was packed with lots of fun decor. She was stunning in her keyhole-back wedding gown with stunning lace details. He looked dapper in his grey suit. They budgeted a crazy awesome amount of time for sunset golden hour wedding day portraits. My heart was bursting for them with all that gorgeous light! I was honored to be a small part of this beautiful wedding. It was a magical day for these two. I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

      dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-02 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-03 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-04 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-05 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-06 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-07 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-08 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-09 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-10 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-11 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-12 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-13 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-14 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-15 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-16 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-17 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-18 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-19 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-20 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-21 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-22 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-23 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-24 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-25 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-26 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-27 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-28 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-29 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-30 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-31 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-32 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-33 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-34 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-35 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-36 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-37 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-38 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-39 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-40 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-41 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-42 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-43 dallas-wedding-photographer-marrisa-jarrod-beaumont-wedding-44


      They still make me smile like an idiot. 🙂

      A beautiful wedding captured for years to come…the portfolio is breathtaking…elegantly done.

      these pictures are amazing!


      The most beautiful wedding that I have been too. So glad that they found such an awesome photographer to capture their special day!

      Ellen (Mother of the Bride)

      Excellent photography and the photographers couldn’t have been any nicer! They did an excellent job and I would recommend them to anyone. Amazing photos that will be cherished for years!

      Neil and Patti Perkins

      What a beautiful portfolio! It really showcases your wedding day. Talk about making memories. Here’s to Mr. and Mrs. Simpson! Love you both!

      These are amazing photos – I’m obsessed with this dress!!

      Such beautiful photos! I’m so glad y’all’s special day was captured so beautifully 🙂

      Beautiful photo montage! Talented photographer and beautiful subjects!

      Beautiful wedding pics!!

      Love the pics! LOVE your lipstick marissa! 🙂 stunning

      These are amazing! How can you possibly choose?

      Heather Zimmerman

      Love these pictures! Glad to relive that special day of yours!


      Fun times, cuz! 🙂

      Sooo lovely. 🙂

      Jarrod, Marissa:
      Thank you for allowing me to share your special day with you! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you two! Amy, it was fun discussing photography with you, maybe one day I will be able to afford an underwater housing unit for my DSLR 🙂

      So proud to have Marissa in our family. She is a natural beauty and Amy captured her beauty so well.

      Amy, you’re a rockstar. So glad I got to be a part of this beautiful day 🙂

      So Beautiful Such a Beautiful Bride and Groom. Wish I could have been there. You both look so happy. I am so proud of you both. Congratulation again and many Blessed Years to come !

      Amazing pictures! Marissa looked absolutely stunning, and Jarrod handsome as well! Yall’s relationship looks like something out of a fairy tale. I am so happy for you Riss, congratulations again!

      That’s where I’m from! Beautiful wedding photos!!

      Gorgeous wedding!