Plano, Texas Engagement Session with Kathryn and Chris


A boy, a girl, and a dog named, Allie. I am so pumped about photographing their Dallas wedding this summer at the Dallas Museum of Art. Kathryn is from Canada, Chris is from the Dallas area and they met while both on scholarship at West Texas A&M. She does barrel racing in the rodeo and he plays football. She said while she was in school she would always dream about him asking her out and when it finally happened she was so excited. The proposal story is great! They were hiking in Canyon, Texas and he wanted to ask her to marry him on the top over-looking the beautiful land. She was getting tired and almost gave up when he lured her up with “I’ll tell you what you are getting for your birthday if you come up to the top with me!”. She did and rest is history. Their friends were camped out below with cameras and captured the proposal for them in pictures. I met up with them in Plano, Texas, just north of Dallas and we spent the next couple of hours laughing and having a great time. We made our way over to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve where I introduced them to the giant trails that are Arbor Hills. I think we walked about 3 miles during the session, but the wet feet, hungry Chris and tired Amy were totally worth it! We scored some awesome photographs with these two (and Allie!). I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last! I am so excited about our next shoot together, Kathryn and your wedding day!!

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