Fort Worth Botanic Gardens with Reena and George


Happy Wedding Wednesday! I am so excited to be able to share these beautiful spring Fort Worth pre-wedding engagement portraits with you! We were served up the most amazing weather and light for photography.  We had awesome blue skies, big puffy clouds, and lots of warm golden sun. I photographed this sweet couple at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Meet Reena and George. I asked them to describe their relationship in three words, so I could get a feel for how their session would be best portrayed. Fun was at the top of their list, so the laughiest, open-mouth smiles and snuggles the better! Their Dallas wedding is just around the corner this spring. I was so excited to meet them and hear about their wedding. Turns out she knows another wedding photography client, Autumn and Charles. They are all doctors in Fort Worth. They are getting married in Dallas at Old Red Courthouse. Its an amazing historic building and we love shooting weddings there. We are also super-pumped to be working with Elizabeth with After Yes and her team of fantastic wedding professionals. Thank you both for sharing such special time of your lives with us! We can’t wait for your wedding next month and we wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter! May each day better than the last!dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-02dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-03dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-04dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-05dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-06dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-07dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-08dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-09dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-10dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-11dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-12dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-13dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-14dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-15dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-16dallas-wedding-photographer-fort-worth-botanic-gardens-reena-george-20

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  1. Danisha Chapmanc

    Happy, Happy, Happy times for you too….I’m in love with the picture where you both are looking at each other Romantic you Reena.

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