Downtown Dallas with Janet and Dustin


Janet. Dustin. Their personalities are a great match. They love each other fully. He asked her to marry him. He put a ring on it. They set a date. They picked a wedding venue. They asked me to be their wedding photographer. They hired RSVP Events for all of the fine tuning wedding details. Janet and Dustin are such a sweet couple. They sat across from me in at our meeting and he brushed her arm, she snuggled in close to him and their body language told me how much they care for each other. We talked about their upcoming wedding plans in Dallas this fall at Christ the King and Trinity River Audubon Center. Janet wanted to bring along Honey, her sweet pup for the engagement session and we made sure to get some camera time with them. We started in a sweet nature setting and Dustin brought along his fiddle and played us some music. I talked to him about the dueling banjos on our way down and that’s the song he started to play as we were photographing that part of the engagement session. The spring weather really was amazing. I had such a special time with these two and Dustin even grabbed my camera at the very end for a sweaty shot with Janet and me. That one didn’t make the cut for the blog post … HA! I am looking forward to photographing your Dallas wedding this fall and can’t wait to see you both again! I wish you a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!


9 thoughts on “Downtown Dallas with Janet and Dustin”

  1. I could not love this couple more! Amy you captured their personalities so perfectly. I am so excited to work with you guys again on the wedding day!

  2. Oh, are these fashion ads? Like the chosen spots esp the sculptures in the park. Very vibrant and pleasing. Of course, Janet and Dustin, you pose very well.

  3. Feel 100% your love and joy from the photos. Wish you “good marriage for hundred years and 2 hearts are always together”. Ask your mom for the Chinese translation of this blessing.

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