Downtown Dallas Engagement Portraits with Cody and Chelsea


The stage was set for a beautiful Dallas engagement session this week. I am pumped to introduce you to this beautiful couple, Cody and Chelsea. She’s an Aggie and he went to SMU in Dallas. They drove up from Bryan College Station for their Dallas engagement session.  I wanted to call Cody “Cory” the entire time, but “C-dog” started to sound real nice 😉 Even though I can’t be their wedding photographer, I was honored to take their engagement portraits! Dallas had a few obstacles thrown at us early on, but that didn’t stop us from finding amazing light and making killer pre-wedding photographs. I got side-swiped on the way to the session by another driver, but we threw insurance information at each other, shook hands and I dashed down to Dallas! One of my favorite spots we had planned to take portraits in was closed off for an outdoor concert. Whomp whomp! Despite these few really odd events trying to derail us, we killed it. After the session (scroll to the end to see it), I should have dropped the mic and said, “I’m out!”.

Rayven with Beauty and the Blush did Chelsea’s flawless makeup and hair. Her smoky eyes paired great with all of her outfit choices for the session. We started in the art’s district of Downtown Dallas and made our way a little further south to see that Conan O’Brien had taken over about 4 Dallas city blocks for his show…..not cool Team Coco! We wrapped the session at the super-chic south Dallas hotel, NYLO and they worked that skyline and sunset. I had such a wonderful time with you for you session and am so happy for your wedding this summer at the Dominican Republic. I wish it was on a different date and you could take me with you!

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15 thoughts on “Downtown Dallas Engagement Portraits with Cody and Chelsea”

  1. WOW, these are AMAZING pictures Chelsea & Cody! But, then it didn’t hurt that the photographer had such beautiful subjects to take pictures of either : )! IMPECCABLE!
    Love you,
    Aunt Diane

  2. These gorgeous pictures of this gorgeous couple are amazing! Congrats to Cody & Chelsea, I can’t wait for the wedding!

  3. Dear Chelsea & Cody, the photos so wonderful and beautiful we loved.
    Love you,
    Uncle Peter with Family
    Kitzingen – Germany

  4. Cristy Thornton

    Dear Cody and Chelsea,
    Y’all are absolutely stunning – the photos truly capture your love and delight with each other. Sounds like a fun day with a great photog!

  5. I love your engagement pictures. You are a beautiful couple. We are very happy for you and Cody. You will be a BEAUTIFUL bride.
    Best wishes,
    Mary (Natalie’s Mom)

  6. These are the best wedding pictures I have ever seen! What a photographer, not to mention the most beautiful couple ever!
    Love you both so much,

  7. Wow, these pictures are very impressive, such a beautiful couple!
    We wish you all the best for your future.
    Cousin Mareike & Andy

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