Downtown Dallas Engagement Portraits with Amanda and Mike


This Dallas engagement portrait post has tons of fun inside…a cute dog wearing a bow tie, a gorgeous couple, a crazy big EYE BALL (art near the Joule Hotel in Dallas) and lots of snuggling and sweet tender moments.

I am so thrilled to introduce you to Amanda and Mike. Their Catholic wedding is this fall in Dallas at Christ the King and then the super-swanky wedding reception at the W Hotel – Altitude. They met while Amanda was working. She’s the general manager at a spa in Dallas and he was going in to get pampered. Little did they know, that would be the start to a blooming relationship. The brought along their mega-cute pup and he was such a good little guy. He pranced a little for me while he was wearing his bow tie and I almost tried to fit him into my camera bag. Think they would have noticed if he was missing? We started the session with them in dark tops and relaxed jeans in nature and moved on to a sweet summery dress. After the nature part of the engagement portraits, we made our way south into Downtown Dallas. We walked the streets and found tons of great backdrops and had a great time together. I am so happy for these two. I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!


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  1. Fotografia Ślubna Gdańsk

    Happy people and that cute dog you described combined with nature and a city life makes it very sensitive and pleases my eye. That’s just great.

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