Stacey & Jace’s Downtown Dallas Engagement Portraits


I am pumped to share this sweet Dallas engagement photography with you all! I first met Stacey and Jace and she’ll tell you they were not “officially” engaged. She didn’t have her beautiful engagement ring just yet. I sat down with them and instantly felt welcome in their home with her sweet family. We chatted about their upcoming wedding and got excited about their wedding photography as we flipped through wedding albums. They are getting married this Spring and are having a traditional Mormon wedding ceremony followed by a Downtown Dallas wedding reception over-looking the Dallas skyline from the 69th floor at City Club Dallas. They wanted to incorporate the city into the session, so we opted for one of my favorites … Downtown Dallas engagement portraits! If you haven’t noticed by previous engagement sessions on this Dallas wedding photographer‘s blog, I love some Dallas portraits. I see new little hidden gems every time I take a couple around the city. Stacey was wearing this cute yellow gingham top paired with white jeans and an awesome yellow belt, and we were making our way over to the Majestic Theater when I spotted this cute blue door!! I will be the first to tell you, I am distracted by shiny things …. if I see good light, I will stop in my tracks, if I see cute doors that pair beautifully with what you are wearing, I will stop and possibly get run over by oncoming traffic to shoot you in front of it! We wrapped the session with one of the best dips of all time … scroll to the bottom to see what I mean. I had a wonderful time with you both and am so glad you caught that red-eye the night before to hang out with me for your fun Dallas engagement portraits. I am so excited for your upcoming wedding and can’t wait to photograph you again!

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