Sarah and Brian’s Bishop Arts Dallas Portraits

dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-01I am pumped to introduce you all to these two lovebirds. Brian and Sarah. Their wedding is coming up this spring and I am so excited to be able to photograph it. For their Dallas engagement session, we strolled around Bishop Arts District in South Dallas for their  portraits and we had several outbursts of uncontrollable laughter. Particularly when I told the most ridiculous jokes I have in my arsenal. Here’s one of the worst ones I know, “What do you call generic Nutella?” …. wait for it ….. its REALLY bad …. if you have ever heard my “Flip Flip” joke, its worse than that one! …. dun dun dun!!!!  “NO TELLIN’!!” That joke lead into a discussion on the correct way to pronounce Nutella and I think I have been saying wrong all these years! Enough about that delicious spready goodness….lets talk about about how cool these two cats are! Sarah was wearing an awesome dress from Anthropologie and some (quoting here) “S-E-X-Y” shoes. They read my engagement portrait tips and followed them to a tee. Brian looked dapper in his blue plaid shirt and grey wool blazer (he even tied in the pocket square to complete the look!). Their first date was at Eno’s Pizza in Bishop Arts, so we made sure to tie that into the session. After our stroll through the quaint streets, we made our way to nature and they were showered with some of the most amazing light. It was a great day for some engagement portraits!

Thanks so much for laughing at my terribly awesome jokes and sharing your love with my camera. I can’t wait for your wedding guys!!

dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-02 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-03 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-04 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-05 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-06 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-07 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-08 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-09 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-10 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-11 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-12 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-13 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-14 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-15 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-16 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-17 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-18 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-19 dallas-wedding-photographer-bishop-arts-district-sarah-brian-20

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  1. Oh my goodness!! You are amazing!!! We had such a blast yesterday and I can’t believe you already have all of these up! I LOVE them and can’t wait for you to take our wedding pictures!

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