Dallas Truck Yard + Chad + Jill = Chill Engagement Portraits


This week I was able to hang out with two crazy awesome folks for some killer Dallas engagement portraits. They are getting married this fall in Dallas at F.I.G. and I am pumped to be their wedding photographer. Meet Chad and Jill … affectionately also known as “Chill” … it works perfect for them. They had me laughing so hard, I was literally crying! Tears….real tears coming down my face, sides hurting, the works. These two love to laugh and have fun and I think we definitely caught their personalities in these pre-wedding portraits. Jill is a mega-talented gal in the wedding industry and Chad’ in public relations. I first met up with them at the Dallas Truck Yard, they sipped on some Lone Star and we looked for brightly colored memorabilia and cool places to put them. There was no shortage of awesomeness around, so we just basically shot everywhere there!

With over 15,000 square feet of heavily shaded outdoor space, trailer-park decor, an indoor bar with 24 taps (including 4 signature draft cocktails), and even a treehouse bar with craft hand-bottled cocktails, there’s no place else quite like Truck Yard.

After that, we shot down to catch the McKinney Trolley (I mean, “Street Car … Chad’s from Louisiana and they are street cars there!). The trolley didn’t sit still that long, which made for some interesting portraits of all of us bouncing around the car holding on for our safety! We wrapped the session with some downtown sunset portraits. This session was so much fun and filled with lots of laughter. I wish you both a wonderful engagement and I can’t wait to see you again for your upcoming Dallas wedding! Here’s to lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-02 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-03 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-04 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-05 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-06 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-07 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-08 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-09 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-10 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-11 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-12 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-13 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-14 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-15 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-16 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-17 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-18 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-19 dallas-wedding-photographer-truck-yard-engagement-session-jill-chad-20

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